This blog is abut the Lehmann Family journey toward a self reliant, off-grid libertarian lifestyle. We live in Sydney’s North on a urban rural property in Arcadia, Sydney Australia. We call it our Arcadian Homestead. We have worked hard and created a profitable technology business called Saasu.com that has allowed us to take this new direction.

Watch our adventures, failures and successes as we work out how to live as independently off “the system” as possible purely for the satisfaction to the soul it can bring. We are going to try and produce our own food, energy, water and experiment and share in these areas as we go. A big part will be nature and the outdoors alongside, cooking, crafting and DIY projects in and around our home.

Ask yourself? Are you a debt, tax and consumption slave? There is another way. You can even do this in an small urban block setting. We’ll be doing some experiments and recording them to show you how. We might not always get it right, we’re not experts but we’re exploring and learning as we go. Join us for the journey via our video and pictorial logs on Youtube and Instagram.