Chicken and Ash fed bumper lemon crop

This video is about using my chickens and wood ash from our fire place to produce a huge lemon crop (and other fruit trees).

We’ve been at this property for 6 months and my lemons aren’t that healthy to be honest despite the huge crop. They are in partial shade and the canopies aren’t as thick as I’d like but I’ve managed to feed them enough mulch and wood ash to get a bumper great crop out of them. They don’t have perfect skins because I don’t use pesticides and I’m dealing with a legacy of neglect. I think by next year I’ll have that sorted as I work out how to stop the bugs affecting their skin.

Note: don’t overdo wood ash else your soil will become overly alkaline.

Marc Lehmann

I'm a husband, dad and a libertarian with a background in Technology and Investment Banking.

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