Termite Trouble

This video is about our project to start removing the termites from the house we recently bought. We bought our home cheaper than normal for our area because it has termites. This can be a big advantage though, as removing them and fixing wood isn’t as expensive as the deep discount your get for termite damaged homes. The catch is you need to know how to do this yourself.

This video is about step 1, getting the garden, wood and soil off the side of the house to make it more treatable. We will later treat the timber and footings with borax. We will also make and bury some cardboard traps around the edge of the home. These are rolled up cardboard soaked in borax and then placed in a capped PVC pipe with the top covered but bottom open. These are buried with the cap at ground level just covered by mulch (to stop it heating up in the sun).

You can also dust timbers and termite nest with borax powder but I believe using it dissolved in water and sprayed onto wood, nests and areas they migrate through is best. It’s safe for humans and pests. I’ve already tried it on an area in a bathroom wall of our house where we had termites and they have gone. It’s been more than a month and they haven’t come back so this DIY termite treatment is promising. Returning termites tend to build new tunnels.



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Music by David Cutter

Marc Lehmann

I'm a husband, dad and a libertarian with a background in Technology and Investment Banking.

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