First Mini Harvest

This video is about our first mini harvest from a quick vege patch we started when we first moved in. We wanted to learn how things grew in different sun positions and what our soil was like. It’s learning through taking action.

The garden was built by putting newspaper and mulch down over the paddock grass to starve it out then we planted into the mulch a few weeks later. At planting of the seeds we added a bit of soil where each seed was going. We added some chook pellets later to offset nitrogen being taken from the soil by the decomposing woodchip/leaf mulch we used. We think the yellow leaves on some of the beans was evidence of depleted nitrogen levels. This probably happened as the roots from the new plants extended past the soil and into the mulch.

Sometimes it’s best just to make a start and expect some failure. Time is the scarcest commodity so learning fast is the key. Waiting and starting later with optimal conditions might not actually be the best idea. Seeds are cheap and so is water. Action is the Goddess of good luck.

Note: We’re following in the footsteps of Paul Gautschi and his #BackToEden gardening mulch method. That is, deep layers of mulch made of both woodchips and leaf matter.

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Marc Lehmann

I'm a husband, dad and a libertarian with a background in Technology and Investment Banking.

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