Creature Feature

A highlight video of all the wild creatures on our homestead. We live in the north of Sydney on a rural property in Arcadia. There’s lots of wildlife so we thought we would share a compact version of what we have experienced in just 3 short months of living here.

Creatures Featured: Diamond Pythons, Funnelweb Spiders, Cute baby Ringtail Possums, Trapdoor Spiders, Grass Snakes, Long necked turtles, Striped Marsh Frogs, Huntsman Spiders, Jack Jumper Ants, Hawk Moths, King parrots, Processionary Catepillar swarms and a baby Laughing Kookaburra.

Follow our story about our switch from an urban to a self reliant homestead lifestyle.

Visit us at:
Instagram: ozhomestead
Twitter: ozhomestead

Marc Lehmann

I'm a husband, dad and a libertarian with a background in Technology and Investment Banking.

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